Public Health Geographics

"Geography is destiny in medicine" - Jack Lord, M.D.


Public Health + Geography = Answers

The primary goal of Public Health Geographics is to find solutions to medical and public health issues through geographic analysis of environmental and public health data. Common health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia are greatly impacted by environmental factors such as air quality, water quality, sanitation, exposure to toxic substances and climate. By bridging the gap between geography and medicine we believe we can help improve public health by identifying areas of exposure and risk, providing policy change recommendations and educating the public.

Principal and Founder - Matt McCullough

Curriculum Vitae

I started Public Health Geographics in 2015 while working on a PhD in medical geography at the Univeristy of Utah. By combining my 10+ years of expereince with GIS and web application development with knowledge of epidemiology and public health I have positioned myself to be an expert in the field of geomedicine. My work is founded on the words of two prominent M.D.'s and upstreamists, Jack Lord and Rishi Manchanda who have made the following statementes:

"Geography is Destiny in Medicine" - Jack Lord, MD

"Our zip code has a greater impact on our health than our genetic fact, our zip code is actually shaping our genetic code." - Rishi Manchanda

Geomedicine has been defined as "the branch of medicine dealing with the effect of geography on disease" (Source).

I believe that Public Health Geographics is well positioned to bridge that gap between geography and medicine through the use of innovative technology, custom application development and the best mapping tools available!